Willies Cacao

Willie’s Cacao

For the Love of Chocolate

Willie Harcourt-Cooze’s love for chocolate stemmed from his desire to try new things. Growing up in a large
family leading a virtually self-sufficient existence on an island off Southern Ireland. His family kept goats for
milk and cheese, milled their own grains and evaporated off sea water for salt. So using completely natural ingredients
and making everything from scratch comes naturally to Willie. His boyhood spirit of adventure led
him to Venezuela, where he bought Hacienda El Tesoro high in the cloud forest, and it continues to guide him
in his quest to make wonderful chocolate. He has journeyed around the Equator and into the world’s jungles in
pursuit of the best cocoa beans.

Extraordinary Flavors

It’s all about the flavor at Willie’s chocolate. Great cacaos are like fine wines, each has its own flavor profile influenced by genetics, soil, and environment. One can naturally taste like nuts, while the other tastes like summer fruits. Willie’s chocolate from the bean – also known as bean to bar chocolate – is made to capture these delicate subtleties and unique aromas.

Artisan Chocolate Truffles

Willie rolls each truffle in fine cocoa
powder after hand-dipping it in
chocolate using his antique cocoa butter
press. Dark and milk chocolate truffles
are standard, with dark chocolate being
vegan-friendly. There are many
remarkable flavors to choose from,
including Dark Chocolate Champagne
truffles and Raspberry Praline truffles.
The raspberry combination is brimming
with fruity enjoyment, with a raspberry
center surrounded by white chocolate.

Milk of the Stars 54%

This 2019 Specialty Foods
Award-Winning chocolate is an
outstanding blend of 54% milk
chocolate. Close your eyes and enjoy
the deep caramel overtones
distinctive of this unique bean from
Surabaya. The nutty, coffee overtones
of the Rio Caribe bean utilized in Milk
of the Gods are vastly different. This
allows milk chocolate lovers all over
the world to enjoy the pleasures of
discovering new bean flavors.

Decadent Dark Chocolate

Willie’s decadently dark chocolate
bars will delight any taste bud.
With amazing flavors like candied
ginger and pistachio, there’s sure
to be a flavor you will love.

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