Belize Chocolate Company

On a Mission to Change the World

The mission of Belize chocolate company is to promote and elevate the people and the country of Belize through the production of world class chocolate.

Originally from the UK, Chris and Jo Beaumont first came to Belize in 1998 to set up SailSports Belize, the first windsurfing and sailing school in the country. Chris had been working as a process engineer for Owens Illinois in Toledo, Ohio and Jo had been working for a boutique advertising agency in London, as a television advertising producer. Both had become disillusioned with their busy lives where work figured more prominently than pleasure, and separately, they left their careers to follow their dream of a simpler life.

They met in Barbados learning to be sailing and windsurfing instructors, and at the end of the six-month course, they ventured to Belize. Thus, the idea of importing their quality chocolates came to life.

Quality Belizean Chocolate

Crafted to the Highest Standard

The Belize Chocolate Company buys all of their beans from indigenous farmers in Southern Belize. Most of these farmers are of Kekchi or Mopan Maya descent.

They are committed to paying a higher than market price for these organic beans, and they do not use any middlemen.

The company buys their sugar from northern Belize from cane farmers, most of whom are of Yucatec Maya descent.

Then, they press their own cocoa butter from these beans to create our 70% dark Kakaw Belizean chocolate, which is a complete single origin product made in the country.

Organic Natural Cacao Powder


Belize Chocolate Company uses 1970s Italian cocoa press to extract cocoa butter from roasted cacao beans and are left with cocoa press cake which they hand grind to produce their natural cocoa powder. They use it in everything from their chocolate syrup and hot cocoa, to their brownies.

Award Winning Chocolate Bars

Decadent Dark, Milk, and White Chocolate Options


Belize Chocolate Company introduced their line of specialty bars to their customers in 2015, using their signature dark, milk, and white chocolate with Belizean inclusions. Belize Chocolate Company’s award-winning 45% Milk Chocolate bar is made using organic cacao grown on small family farms in southern Belize. They only use locally sourced, organic cacao beans from Maya Mountain Cacao and small family farms in southern Belize. They roast and grind these beans to make chocolate liquor. They press their own cocoa butter from these beans and add this back into the chocolate liquor together with Belizean cane sugar from the Orange Walk district of Belize, and imported milk to create this delicious single-origin bar.

Order Belize Chocolate Online

Here at J Aimie Le Chocolat!, we have a few commitments of our own. For instance, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality chocolate products. Additionally, we are making a commitment to fairness, supporting our devout chocolate makers in every way possible. We’ve proudly stocked our inventory with the latest in the Belize Chocolate Company Chocolates, Cacao Powder, and Brownie Mix – so whether you are searching for award winning milk chocolate, rich dark chocolate, or creamy white chocolate, our online store is the place to shop.