Michel Cluizel

has established itself as one of the
world’s leading, premium chocolate makers

Michel Cluizel has established itself as one of the world’s leading, premium chocolate makers. The French company was founded in 1948 by visionary chocolate maker Michel Cluizel. Since then, the company has set itself apart with its high-quality ingredients, long-term partnerships, and, of course, its great-tasting gourmet chocolate!

As a premium chocolate maker, Michel Cluizel has been handcrafting chocolate from bean to bar since 1948. Each variety of chocolate is made using only

The purest cacao butter created with decadent bourbon vanilla pods

and absolutely no soy or artificial flavorings.

We are delighted to offer a unique assortment of Michel Cluizel chocolate at J’ Aimie Le Chocolat! Read on to learn more about Michel Cluizel’s history and distinguishing traits to help you make your Michel Cluizel selection today.

Rich Chocolate

From Bean to Bar

Michel Cluizel is a rare breed; they are one of a few remaining independent chocolate companies still creating their product from beginning to end. They own cacao plantations in varius parts of the world where the cacao bean is cultivated. They contribute to the:


Growth, Harvest, & Roasting


Each item they make, ensuring you get only the best end product. Michel Cluizel has been doing things this way for three generations, which is why their chocolates are renowned for their luxury and perfection, all around the world.

Michel Cluizel chocolate makers have been producing their delectable treats in Normandy, France since 1948. Three generations have now led the Michel Cluizel company, during which time family traditions and tried-and-true techniques have led to the creation of some of the world’s best chocolate. At J’ Aimie Le Chocolat!, we are committed to only bringing you the very best of the best, which is why we are proud to include Michel Cluizel chocolate bars, baking products, and confections in our boutique.

Cacao Powder

Pure 100% Cacao Powder


Michel Cluizel’s 100% cacao powder is top-of-the-line, and will enrich your baking creations, hot chocolate making, or confection toppings and dusting. This premium cacao is a preference for many, and it will certainly not disappoint!

Chocolat Mini Gramm􏰀®

Creamy, Miniature Chocolate Chips

Not only do we offer Michel Cluizel’s premium chocolate bars, but also their mini chocolate grammes. Arguably, the best snacking chocolate, these mini chocolate chips come in a variety of flavors that take you on a journey through chocolate tasting. Try extraordinary flavors such as white chocolate grammes with hints of creme brulee, butter shortbread, honey and vanilla. Or delight yourself with milk chocolate decadence made from a beautiful combination of caramel and salted butter ice-cream, followed by hints of roasted cacao and chestnut honey.

Quality You Can Taste

Michel Cluizel considers excellence to be a commitment beginning long before the creation of each piece of chocolate. The company’s steadfast commitment to fair and sustainable partnership practices with cacao farmers is a key quality distinguishing it from the rest. Not only that, but Michel Cluizel also adheres to the finest ingredient quality standards in the industry, never using soya lecithin in their products and recently launching their ‘Ingrédients Noble’ label to emphasize the excellent quality of cacao, sugar, and vanilla used in their chocolat. J’ Aimie Le Chocolat! is proud to offer a wide variety of Michel Cluizel gourmet chocolates.

Gourmet Chocolate Bars

Single Origin, Fine Chocolate Blends

Michel Cluizel has seven plantations across the globe which grow, harvest, and produce cacao. These seven locations each have their own unique characteristics. Their relationship with the French chocolate maker is one of the reasons we’ve selected Michel Cluizel as one of our own suppliers.

7 Chocolate Plantations

These single origin chocolate blends come from seven plantations.


Tapachula, MEXICO

The Mokaya Plantation is situated in the Chiapas region, the cradle of cocoa, which extends to the border of Guatemala. Almost 2000 years before this era, the Mokayas, an indigenous fishermen people, were fond of a dink made from cocoa pulp or seeds: the first “chocolate in the world, called “kakawa”.


Ilheus, BRAZIL
Situated in the Bahia region in Brazil, the Riacheuelo Plantation benefits from a lush environment, in the hear of the Atlantic Forest close to the ocean. The cocoa trees are cultivated with respect for the surronding fauce and flora, composed of numerous exotic trees such as the Massaranduba or the Pau d’Arco.

Los Ancon􏰀

San-Francisco de Macoris, SANTO-DOMINGO
In the heart of the Caribbean, to the west of San Francisco de Macrois, the Los Ancones Plantation, situated at the center of the island at a slight altitude, benefits from the abundant warm rains brought by the trade winds. Since 1903, the River family has cultivated cocoa beans, under the protection of the palm trees, using no pesticides.


Ambohimarina, MADAGASCAR
In Africa, the north-west of the island of Madagascar, the Mangaro Plantation lives in the rich valley of the Sambirano River. Some of the particular aromas of this coca come from the tropical climate tempered by the influence of the Indian Ocean. The name of the Mangaro Plantation refers to the vast mango forest that stood there before the cocoa trees were planted.

La Laguna


Plantation La Laguna is nestled in the mountainous forest of Alta Veragpaz, central Guatemala. The Rio Cahabon waterway crosses the 4,800 ha plantation on its way to the La Laguna lake. Water, the source of life, irrigates this natural and protected land, where cocoa trees are grown on the mountainsides at between 475 and 600 meters above sea level.

Vila Gracinda

Santo Amaro, SÃO-TOMÉ
Located in the Gulf of Guinea in Africa, São-Tomé is a small island on the equator. It’s volcanic soil and equatorial climate are so much suitable for cocoa trees that São-Tomé is nicknamed the “chocolate island”. The nearby Atlantic Ocean sprays on the beans from the Vila Gracinda Plantation a hint of iodine.

El Jardim

Fuente de Oro, COLOMBIA

Located in the Finca El Jardin, in the floodplains of the Arianism river, the El Jardín Plantation extends over 20 hectares. It is protected by an exceptionally luxurious environment that gives the cocoa trees their richness. The name of the El Jardín Plantation evokes the Meta region. which overflows with the natural “jardin” of breath-taking beauty.

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