About the Founder

The Search for Something Sweeter

Founder Jaimie C. Miller’s first love has always been chocolate.

Her passion began when her teen crush from Switzerland started bringing her all kinds of international chocolate treats. Growing up in Alaska, she had never been introduced to quality chocolates before. In Jaimie’s words, “Once you know what premium looks like, tastes like, and feels like, you never go back.” So her search for something sweeter began.

She embarked on a journey to Vatuvano, Fiji to help in a remote Fijian village school. She was there to create an elementary curriculum using her background as a teacher. Little did Jaimie know that trip would change her life.

Experiencing the people’s care for one another in the village’s community, despite their own circumstances, inspired Jaimie to do more. It was then she realized the true sweetness of life comes from showing benevolent compassion to people as the true meaning of love.

In 2002 she moved to Montana. A few years later she began purposefully searching for European chocolates like the ones she once had tried in her younger years, with none to be found. Living in such a small town on the U.S./Canadian border opened her eyes to the scarcity of international chocolates locally. She sought to change that. Jaimie began planning and dreaming of opening a chocolate boutique of her own.

Although her dream was strong, the trying times of life became relentless and tough. These days left Jaimie feeling broken and lost. With resilience at heart she decided to put the past behind her and pursue her dream of a new life.

Spreading the Love

That’s when J’ Aimie Le Chocolat! was born! Long ago Jaimie learned her name means “love” in French. This was her marketing strategy for the French Canadian chocolate consumer passing through her small border town to Whitefish, MT. She also knew she wanted to open a chocolate boutique dedicated to showing love to people all across the globe and the unique spelling just made sense. After all, Jaimie’s first love was chocolate.

Why this Cacao?

Jaimie sought out her chocolate makers purposefully, intentionally searching for the “why” behind their chocolate making. Her goal was to reach the “smaller people”, and make her love for international chocolate accessible to everyone. Today, J’ Aimie Le Chocolat! carries multiple international chocolate makers, showing this benevolent compassion to their cacao farmers and unwavering support to their local communities.

“People need to know they matter.
It’s our mission to reach out and support others in need of our help.”

– Jaimie C. Miller

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