Millésime Chocolat

Award-Winning Belgian Bean to Bar Chocolate

Jean-Christophe Hubert, an expert with a passion for the industry, founded Millésime. He received his training at CIRAD in Montpellier, an agronomy research institution specializing in sensory chocolate development, analysis, and cocoa knowledge. He also attended the Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute in New York and now uses his education to create award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate.


Flavor Profiles

Millésime specializes in single-origin chocolate mixes from bean to bar.
Each of their chocolate creations is sourced from a different region. All
of them have their own flavor profile. Millésime’s goals are similar to
those of the wine industry: to promote natural processes that produce
flavors that change year to year while maintaining the core characteristics of each region/country. This gives their chocolates an edge with unique, flavorful options. Their rich blends include various creations including whisky, rum, almonds, hazelnuts, and more.

Single Origin

Guatemala 74%
India 74%
Tazania 76%
Mexico 80%
Tanzania 90%
Panama 75%
Ecuador 100%


Dominican Republic


74% Dark Chocolate Bar

Cocoa was introduced from the Indonesian island of Amboyna in the 18th century, and it was known for its enormous mountains and stable temperature. The Kaithapara cocoa used in this bar is a genuine Indian gem. Full of rich flavor, you’re sure to love this award-winning taste.


90% Dark Chocolate Bar

2020 International Organic
Chocolates Award Winner

The beans in this bar come from
the Kilombero Valley. These beans are rich with a nutty and woody flavor profile. The cocoa is produced in the little Swahili village of Mbingu, which means “heaven.” Kokoa Kamili works with farmers to guarantee that they are paid fairly and that their unique Tanzanian cocoa varieties are developed.


74% Dark Chocolate Bar

From Ancient Mayan Cocoa

Coming from ancient Maya cocoa
plantations, the chocolate reveals
very delicate aromas of flowers, but
also of fruits such as plums and
apricots. The tasting is rounded off
by a touch of caramel.

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