Chocolate Produced at the Source – Madagascar

Africa produces 70% of the world’s cacao, and less than 1% of chocolate is made there. Each cacao bar carrying the MIA name is entirely crafted by chocolate makers in Africa. In the world of chocolate, the MIA approach stands in stark contrast to 99% of products on the market made far from the same cacao source.

MIA’s bars have a distinct berry flavor and are dark but smooth. There are more than a half-dozen options, including one made with 100% cacao and no sugar, which is powerful but not bitter, and another made with 75% cacao that is sweeter and butterier. One is laced with candied orange chunks, while the other is infused with African baobab powder from the fruits that grow on the African “Tree of Life” and has a tiny crunch from a sprinkle of salted cacao nibs. Both have 65% cacao.

Co- Founders, Brett Beach born in the UK and Sarah Lescrauwaet born in Bruges, Belgium and who both loved to travel and experience the vast cultures of food and people.Their goal became to create ethically manufactured, one-of-a-kind chocolate bars while simultaneously providing jobs and cash to the surrounding community. The company devotes a percentage of sales to environmental and development projects, such as school scholarships.

Dark Chocolate

100% Dark Chocolate

Uncompromised Flavor


Offering nothing less than 100% pure, uncompromised Madagascan cacao, this MIA bar brings a deep intensity of flavor, with soft notes of red fruit soon emerging on the palate.

75% Pure Dark Chocolate

Rich and Buttery Cacao Flavor


Strong in cocoa content, this 75% dark chocolate has a gentle, buttery melt that releases mild yet pleasantly lasting notes of pure Madagascan cocoa.

65% Dark Chocolate

Sweet, Citrus Indulgence


The intensity of Madagascan 65% dark chocolate is cut with both a citrus zing of infused orange throughout, and chewy, candied orange pieces jeweled across its back.

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Here at J’ Aimie Le Chocolat!, we have a few commitments of our own. For instance, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality chocolate products. Additionally, we are making a commitment to fairness, supporting our devout chocolate makers in every way possible. We’ve proudly stocked our inventory with the latest in the MIA Chocolates line – so whether you are searching for MIA 100% dark chocolate, MIA 75% dark chocolate, or MIA 65% dark chocolate, our online store is the place to shop.