Guido Gobino

Chocolate Tradition from Turin, Italy

Guido Gobino uses the absolute finest cocoa beans in the world, sourced from Venezuela, Ecuador, Sao Tome, and Mexico. They select the best raw ingredients for optimal flavor and local sustainability: highest quality grown Langhe PGI Hazelnuts, locally sourced Piedmontese chain milk, and only ItaliaZuccheri beetroot sugar. Gobino has won multiple international honors for its preeminent ingredients and cutting-edge techniques, establishing itself as a well-known “Made in Italy” chocolate brand recognized worldwide.

Assorted Chocolate Gift Box

Thoughtfully Chosen Chocolate in Each Box


Exclusively imported from Italy, you cannot find these chocolates anywhere else in the US! Guido Gobino offers their Cialdine selection in a 270g Gift Box – a perfect gift for any chocolate lover. 5 Chocolates blends/54 Cialdines per box. You can also purchase these individually.

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